CD: Circle of light

Grammer, Red
CD: Circle of light
Songs for Bucket Fillers
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“I am a Bucket Filler. This is who I am.
I try to think of others and to the best I can.” Red Grammer
“These songs were written to remind each one of us what a difference we make in the world when we choose to be a bucket filler…and how good it feels. Enjoy!” Red Grammer
A “Bucket Filler” is someone who pays attention to how others feel and tries to make the world a better place by filling others’ “buckets” with good feelings. This CD is collaboration with Carol McCloud’s Have you Filled a Bucket Today? (HYFSC)
Songs included:
1. Power to Change the World 11.Power to Change the World-instrumental
2. Everybody Here Has a Bucket 12.Everybody Here Has a Bucket-instrumental
3. I’m All Filled Up 13.I’m all Filled Up-instrumental
4. I Am a Bucket Filler 14.I Am a Bucket Filler-instrumental
5. Bucket Filters 15.Bucket Fillers-instrumental
6. I’ve Got a Lid 16.I’ve Got a Lid-instrumental
7. See Me Beautiful 17.See Me Beautiful-instrumental
8. Fill a Bucket 18.Fill a Bucket-instrumental
9. Pop On My Lid 19.Pop On My Lid-instrumental
10. Circle of Light 20.Circle of Light-instrumental

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